WordPress Live ChatFull change log…
We always try to keep our products up-to-date and secure.

  [+] - 'new feature/improvement'
  [*] - 'functionality changes'
  [!] - 'bugfix'

Version 2.2.8 - 3 March 2017
  [!] You can see updates in WP dashboard
  [!] Fixed unknown user agent issue that occurs on some PHP/Apache servers
  [!] Fixed SSL conflict that occurs in some WP installations

Version 2.2.7 - 25 February 2017
  [*] Removed country information to prevent .
  [!] Fixed update server. No problem with auto-updates anymore for some WP installations.
  [!] Fixed SSL issue.

Version 2.2.6 - 3 December 2016
 [+] Added Live Chat box to Appearance > Menus to manage your site menus
 [+] Added Turkish language support
 [*] Fixed the console error when unknown user data update that crashes the console
 [!] Fixed multiple emails issue for site notification emails

Version 2.2.5 - 2 October 2016
 [+] Supports WordPress 4.6+
 [*] Operators can see "Restart" button in console settings
 [*] Updated titan framework into 1.10
 [!] Fixed SSL issue. Now fully supported
 [!] Fixed broken icons issue (front-end)
 [!] Fixed back-end options errors when the language is different than English
 [!] Fixed font-color in design chat options

Version 2.2.4 - 22 July 2016
 [*] Updated to Firebase 3.2.0
 [*] Removed "logout" and "database" buttons from chat settings found in chat console
 [!] Fixed WPML 3.4 compatibility. Now it is working with WPML 3.2 and all newer versions.
 [!] Fixed operator display name issue
 [!] Fixed "restart" button issue found in chat console > settings

Version 2.2.3 - 1 July 2016
  [!] Fixed 403 error happens in some PHP/Apache server installations.

Version 2.2.2 - 26 June 2016
  [+] Added WPML support (WPML 3.2 and newer versions)
  [+] Supports wp-content/languages/screets-chat folder to add your translations like schat-fr_FR.mo
  [!] Fixed online/offline issue

Version 2.2.1 - 24 June 2016
  [!] Fixed wrong redirection on front-end when Firebase info are missing in integration options

Version 2.2.0 - 24 June 2016
  [+] Supporting new Firebase API v3 (you should migrate too if you update)

Version 2.0.5 - 29 May 2016
  [+] Compatible with PHP 7

Version 2.0.4 - 26 May 2016
  [*] Because of some email services only accept verified domains, now FROM part of all notification emails changed with your site email. However, REPLY-TO part will be filled out with visitors' email as long as they provided an email.
  [*] Removed minified CSS and JS files. It can be handled by Minified plugins.
  [!] Fixed WPML issue. Now LC fully supports WPML.
  [!] Fixed ".schat-open-chatbox" short link. It works now when you add it any custom object (ie. <a href="" class="schat-open-chatbox"></a> )

Version 2.0.3 - 22 April 2016
  [*] WP 4.5 compatibility
  [*] Using wp_get_current_user() function instead of old get_currentuserinfo()

Version 2.0.2 - 20 March 2016
  [!] Fixed WPML compatibility issue
  [!] Fixed duplicated JWT class issue

Version 2.0.1 - 10 January 2016
  [!] Fixed undefined "_filter_updates" function error

Version 2.0 - 7 January 2016
  [+] Using CX 1.4.3 core
  [+] Added Firebase support (real-time)
  [*] Removed AJAX from chat transmissions

Version 1.5, Nov 13 2013 
  [+] new 'Added Brazilian / Portuguese language'
  [+] new '100% GPL License'
  [*] 'Connecting message changed with Please wait'
  [!] fixed 'Wrong time in chat logs'
  [!] fixed 'Conflicts of "Chat" menu duplications in admin'
Version 1.4.3, Aug 19 2013
  [!] fixed 'Capabilities issue of Chat Operator'

Version 1.4.2, Aug 17 2013
  [+] new 'Added media files into the package regarding Live Chat plugin'
  [*] fixed 'Re-compressed app.min.js'
  [*] fixed 'Changed plugin name from "Screets Chat" to "Screets Live Chat"'

Version 1.4.1, Aug 16 2013
  [*] Add chat capabilities to admin and ops when plugin activate it, not every page refresh for performance issue
  [*] Loads JS libraries in the footer instead of betweentag because of compatibility for all themes
  [!] Fixed sending message by pressing enter

Version 1.4, Aug 2 2013

  [+] Added email notification when visitor login chat!
  [+] Added German translation translated by Dietmar Hohn
  [+] Now chatbox displays "Connecting..." message while user loging in
  [+] Improved notifications. Especially "Something went wrong" changed with "Connecting"
  [+] Improved chat box CSS
  [+] Improved licensing for extended license users
  [+] Removing inactive users while visitor logs in chat! It is good if operator turned computer to stand-by mode and still looks like online.
  [*] Tested with WordPress 3.6
  [*] Suggested new SMTP plugin: WP SMTP instead of out-of-date WP MAIL SMTP
  [!] Removed annoying "pop" sound after page refresh in front-end
  [!] Removed type attribute from textarea in basic skin!
  [!] Admin menu will shown all admins, not only for super admin
  [!] Dont show Phone field in contact email if its not activated already

Version 1.3.2, July 10 2013
  [!] Fixed session issue

Version 1.3.1, July 10 2013
  [*] Updated jQuery Autosize plugin to v1.17.1
  [!] Fixed notification error when the plugin activated
  [!] Renamed "jquery-cookie" slug to make compatible with other plugins
  [!] Fixed contact email title (added space)

Version 1.3, June 25 2013
  [+] Added WPML support
  [+] Set Position (bottom-left or bottom-right)
  [+] Set Offset
  [+] Set the number of visitors allowed to chat at one time
  [+] Disable in mobile devices
  [+] Add Custom CSS code
  [+] Compress JavaScript file
  [+] Mute Sound
  [+] Add "Phone Field" in contact form (optional)
  [+] Included blog name into subject of contact form emails. ie. [Screets Project] John wrote a note
  [+] Operator Additional Role
  [*] The plugin can be run when WordPress out of its own directory
  [*] Registered users dont need to fill out their basic information (name and email) while login to chat in admin side
  [*] Users are logged off while they close browser windows
  [*] Only administrators can delete logs
  [*] Corrected two strings in French translation
  [*] jquery.easing plugin not loaded when CSS Anim is activate
  [*] "on" function deleted from ".f-chat-line" in App.js which was not needed
  [*] Removed default skin option
  [*] Tabs in chat options
  [!] Fixed empty action property in "form" tag
  [!] Only operators can change operators name

Version 1.2.5, April 16 2013
  [*] Reduced CPU usage (about 70%) by removing unnecessary Ajax requests
  [!] Fixed page scrolling down issue when click chat box header to re-open it during conversation

Version 1.2.4, April 6 2013
  [*] Removed session_destroy() function. It was blocked by some security plugins. Instead added the same functionality: $_SESSION[sc_chat] = array();

Version 1.2.3, March 29 2013

  [*] Fixed wrong is_front_end() function with is_front_page()

Version 1.2.2, March 22 2013
  [*] Fixed "jquery.cookie.min.js" not found error for some server installations

Version 1.2.1, March 15 2013
  [*] Removed "." character in nickname when only email accepted and localpart of email has "." char.

Version 1.2, March 14 2013

  [+] Added "End chat" button
  [+] Added shortcut for chat logs in chat console
  [+] Added new language: Spanish (thanks to Jesus Flores)
  [+] Operators can see a visitors IP address, OS and browser name
  [+] Chatbox can be shown in homepage even though it is disabled
  [*] Name field can be invisible or optional. If name isnt given, the Plugin uses localpart of given email ( ie. uses "ben" if users email "ben@scowski.com" )
  [+] Default skin css file can be disabled
  [+] Both operators and visitors can use SHIFT+ENTER while writing message
  [+] Skin CSS file can be compressed
  [+] Added Search Logs input
  [*] jQuery autosize plugin updated to v1.16.5
  [*] Conversation isnt showed up if closed already after refresh page
  [*] Chat lines was allowed up tp 255 chars. Now 700 chars.
  [!] Removed session_name() function that conflicts with some plugins which uses sessions
  [!] Fixed unsupported chars issue on visitor names. In this case, the Plugin uses email name.
  [!] "Always show chatbox here" didnt work properly
  [!] Fixed logs bulk actions
Version 1.1, February 12 2013
  [+] Added an option to support "light" and "dark" themes
  [+] Added "Operator Name" field in user profiles
  [+] Added French language (by Sebastien Landrieu)
  [+] Added Italian language (by Luisa Macignani)
  [+] Added CSS3 animations (instead of jQuery animate() function)
  [+] Added new option: "Display chatbox automatically"
  [+] Added new option into post/page metaboxes for showing chatbox in only specific pages
  [+] Added two shortcodes: and...
  [+] Added skin types that set tones of users custom colors
  [+] Added delay option
  [+] Added radius option
  [+] Added function make URLs into links during chat
  [+] Added sc_chat_adjust_brightness() function to make a color lighter or darken for skins
  [+] Added site title and address into contact form mail
  [+] "Send Button" can be translated by WP administration panel
  [+] If all operators goes offline during chat, visitors last message sent to base email which is defined in chat options, and current visitor issued about the case.
  [*] "Got a question?" field in options page can be edited now
  [*] All color fields in options page can be updated correctly now
  [*] Sounds can be heard by visitors as well
  [*] Chatbox closes itself after visitor submits contact form
  [*] Chatbox looks better in iPhones and iPads
  [*] Users had to re-login after page refresh
  [!] When visitor went offline and then come back to website again without destroying session, system showed him in the list operator even though user had NOT any capabilities for back-end.
  [!] Stabilized Basic skin (hacking stylesheets)
  [!] Fixed options menu bug (forms sections can be updated now)
  [!] Removed slashes from quoted strings during chat
  [!] Fixed Basic Skin height problem at header (for some themes)
  [!] Fixed deleted button on logs page
  [!] Contact form was not sent at second time by visitor without refreshing page
  [!] Fixed session conflicts when the plugin installed more than one in same domain
  [!] Chat sounds could hearable even though user is active on his current window
  [!] Fixed auto-focus issue which causes scrolling page up
  [!] Fixed usernames conflict. Now all users names (incl. operators) are unique
  [!] Fixed security issue on logins
Version 1.0, February 4 2013
  Launch :) Huloooog!
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